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Creando piezas superiores de Volkswagen desde 2003

MST founder Kenneth Statton has always been a tinkerer. In 2003, he began working on a dune buggy that was bought from his grandfather. Although the buggy was originally built in 1969 it was a great project and was incredibly fun to own.

As an owner of a machine shop, Statton had the freedom to take concepts and bring them to reality. After creating several innovations, he created Custom Bug Products, LLC which later became Motorsports Tulsa LLC (MST) in 2007. Under the leadership of Mary Statton, the company has continued to transform into what is today known as Parts by MST LLC.

MST has been on the road showing off innovative VW products at car shows across the country. Through the years, we have added a large distributor network. This gives customers the ability to order from their favorite VW shop, and the ability to buy directly from us.

Our growth and the demand for our product comes from one of the greatest auto enthusiast communities there is - the VW community. We thank you for accepting our product, giving feedback, and sharing your photos of installations. We will keep working to make superior products so that your V-dub is looking great and working even better.

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Productos Innovadores

One of the first Volkswagen creations provided by Parts by MST LLC was a new serpentine pulley design. While there were others available, Kenneth Statton saw an opportunity to make something better and fill a targeted need in the market. Initial designs focused on creating a system that not only looked great but also was extremely reliable.

After experimenting with different approaches that included modified bearing sizes, pulley offsets, bracket locations and more, several local Volkswagen enthusiasts began to take interest in testing the new designs. After testing the product, the Volkswagen fans told us that installation was easy, the belt ran true, and minimal adjustments were needed. We had happy customers – and a product to get to VW fans around the world.

Since the Serpentine Pulley System, MST has created a variety of VW products that fans keep telling us are the best they have used. We design for the basic headaches that a VW owner could experience – leaks, wear and tear, and more. Products like our new Valve Covers contain a seal innovation that keeps a typically leaky area sealed up.

Una pasión por el rendimiento y la comunidad VW

Parts by MST LLC. has quickly become known as a reliable leader in Volkswagen parts. Our team works hard to create designs that work as they should, and we have the flexibility of owning quality machining tools that allow us to continuously experiment and innovate.

While we could just enjoy how our first product versions are working, we keep innovating. In 2008, Statton made key changes to the flagship Serpentine Pulley System design. These improvements include friction locking of the idler, a reliability enhancement to the double-row bear, and a new crank bolt and alternator nut.

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Parts by MST LLC. is proud to have some of the most sought after Volkswagen products available on the market. Through our experience and dedication to creating modern, functional parts for Volkswagen vehicles, we have developed a strong network of distributors and retail outlet locations across the United States as well as successful relationships with distributors in the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico. We are looking to expand our reach and continue our quest to have our products sold all around the world.

Become a Parts by MST LLC. Distributor

As a leading creator and manufacturer of Volkswagen parts, we are constantly working to build new relationships with distributors to ensure our innovative and easily installed products are available wherever and whenever they may be needed. If you are interested in becoming a Parts by MST LLC Distributor, please contact us today!