Customer Testimonials


Ben Giles

“I attached a photo of the Serpentine system on our buggy. It really does look good. Thanks for your support. If you ever need a good word about your product, let me know.”


Charles Sargeant

“The new pulley and sand seal is working out great, no Leaks. I went on a run this Sunday with several different VW clubs here in SoCal, 45 VW’s and had some people interested in my belt setup and I referred them to MST. Thanks again for your and Ken’s help. MST is the best.”


First Sergeant Robert K. Maggot

“Not all parts are on until I put it in the car. Will be running dual 34 ICT webers on this one and a single 44 weber on my 57″ oval/ragtop. Hope you approve!”


Mike Waddle

Check out this great lime green Serpentine Pulley System from Mike Waddle.


Todd F. Ziegler Jr.

“It was nice to meet you as well. Hope you guys liked the pictures. I love your products and will recommend them to anyone.”


Miguel Zepeda

“Thank you for the valve covers, it all looks great! Awesome!”


Mike Beltran

“Hey guys, have a better pic of my 67 vert engine with the MST accessories. Hope you guys can use it. If you need anything let me know. Again, thanks for taking care of me!”


Norris Racing Products

“We just ordered our second batch of push rod tubes, and after using every make and style out there for almost 40 years, yours DON’T leak. We will not be using any others as long as you guys are making them.”


Willy Blanco

Check out this sweet set-up from Willy Blanco.

Rod Robeson

“Thanks for all your help. Ever since my buddy, wife and I parked next to the guy with the almost tribute car to the Inch Pincher at the Classic a couple years ago, I have been impressed with some of the people associated with y’alls company. Obviously I can’t remember that guys name or one of the owner’s name who was hanging around him. Since then, we have seen those guys at the last Classic and the last Ft. Worth show as well. Each time those guys have been real nice. Out of  the group I run around with, I think I am the first to buy one of your products. Based on your customer service and just talking to those guys I would buy from y’all again. I know a lot of people in the hobby and we are putting back together the Ft. Worth Air Coolers, maybe I can talk a few guys into buying a few things for y’all. I will put in a good word. I have not installed your product yet, but I don’t anticipate any issues. If I do I am sure we’ll figure it out.”


Perry Williams

“It is working great!”


Dan Skowronek

“My father-in-law and I am impressed by the quality of the product. Would recommend to friends without thinking twice.”