Frequently Asked Questions

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We introduced our first product – the Serpentine Pulley System – in the spring of 2003. Since then, we’ve released many products with the goal of providing the highest quality custom parts with a focus on dependability, superior performance, and exceptional appearance.

The complete details of our guarantee is available here. In short, we stand behind our product because of our quality workmanship. If you ever experience an issue with the quality of our products, we will replace or refund you promptly.

Yes. The MST Serpentine Pulley System will work with a Sand Seal setup. As a standard, we have incorporated the size of the SCAT Sand Seal into our product. Since this is the most common size on the market, we felt it would be a good idea to try to utilize what might already be in your case. We also offer you the chance to buy or modify our system to fit the EMPI size seal as well. The SCAT seal is included with your purchase, along with our unique Sand Seal Adapter.

No. The MST Serpentine Pulley System comes with a unique Sand Seal Adapter. This adapter will press right into your standard cut case and lock into place with the included small screws and ears, eliminating machining the case to fit the seal. So, if you are thinking of switching to sand seal, no machining needed!

Our product is designed for the enthusiast. The majority of people who purchase our products install them on their own. All of our products come with installation instructions, and do not require anything special for installation. If you own basic mechanic tools like wrenches, Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and a level, you can do this! MST products are well made to precision tolerances for a guaranteed fit!

Yes, regardless of the size of your Type 1 engine, this system will fit.

The MST Serpentine System is designed with basic functionality of the engine in mind. Therefore, the pulleys are the same size as the stock pulleys, yielding the same fan speed as the stock setup. The main difference is that the Serpentine System reduces belt slip. The constant tension against the pulleys keeps the fan turning smoothly. As a result, there is more air flow, better cooling and better performance. Increased fan speeds will only occur with excessive RPM’s generated by the engine itself. Please consult your engine builder or other specifications if you are concerned about the high horsepower performance of your engine itself.

The Renegade cutout design moved into the number one spot shortly after release and never looked back! Black and Red are tied for the color lead these days.

Not yet! However, we are in development and plan to release the Dry Sump Serpentine System very soon!

Presently, no. It is a stationary design made from aerospace quality aluminum, with a trademarked custom knurl-resistant face to help it hold position. We have completed the final design of a spring-loaded idler and have submitted for patent. 

It sure will! This is a direct replacement item that captures the form, fit, and function of both variations of standard stand. The front, relieved section for the alternator nose has no effect on the functionality or positioning of your Generator. Use this item for either. It is machined from billet aluminum and honestly, will be the last stand that you ever need to buy!!